Underberg Natural Herb Bitters 5-Pack, .68oz/btl

$ 14.98

Underberg Bitters were invented in Germany in 1846, and are made from dozens of alpine herbs, roots, barks, peels, and other botanicals sourced from around the globe. The result is a potent bitters recipe that tastes strongly of anise, clover, ginger, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and mint.

Because of the bitters' robust smell and flavor profile, Underberg shouldn't be sipped like a beverage. Instead, throw back an entire 20 ml bottle in one fell swoop when you've had too much to eat to ease discomfort and refresh your spirits.

Europeans have sworn by Underberg as a digestive drink for generations. Underberg can also be used like more traditional cocktail bitters. Just add a few dashes or drops to enhance the flavor profile of your favorite recipe.

  • Tastes of anise, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, with strong overtones of eucalyptus, finishing with a smack of juniper and mint
  • Originally created to be taken for digestion
  • Can also be used as a flavoring for your cocktails or in cooking
  • Each 20 milliliter (0.67 oz) single-portion bottle is perfect for promoting digestion, and smaller amounts are great fo flavoring drinks or foods.
  • Includes ChromaCast Phone/Tablet Holder and Bitters Recipes

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