SPIRITLESS Variety Pour-Over Cans | Non-Alcoholic Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned | Ready to Drink or Mocktail & Cocktail Mixer | Non-GMO & Vegan | 45 Calories | 8.45 Fl Oz

$ 87.98
SKU: SP-MX-PO-250-15PK

Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits
Experience the magic of NA mixology without the fuss. All your favorite Spiritless pour-over cocktails in one box! Our Old Fashioned, Margarita, and Whiskey Sour cans are not only delicious, they’re made using our distilled non-alcoholic spirits – Kentucky 74 and Jalisco 55. Simply pop the top, pour over ice, and enjoy!

Flavor Profiles
Each of our pour-over cocktails are perfectly crafted to mimic all of the feels of three classic cocktails.


  • Flavor Profile: Jalisco 55, lime, and salt
  • Calories: 80 per 250ml can

Whiskey Sour:

  • Flavor Profile: Kentucky 74, cane sugar, and lemon
  • Calories: 35 per 250ml can

Old Fashioned:

  • Flavor Profile: Kentucky 74, cane sugar, Chai, orange
  • Calories: 45 per 250ml can
  • MOCKTAILS FOR DAYS | Sample a variety of Spiritless non–alcoholic Old Fashioned, Margarita, and Whiskey Sour cocktails
  • READY-TO-DRINK | Non Alcoholic pour-over version of a classic Old Fashioned. Simply pop the top, pour over ice and enjoy!
  • CRAFTED WITH SPIRITLESS | All our pour-over non-alcoholic cocktails are made using the award-winning distilled NA spirits – Kentucky 74 and Jalisco 55
  • LESS THAN 60 CALORIES PER CAN | Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly, & NON GMO pour-over cans are not only better for you, they’re perfect for ready made sipping
  • PICK YOUR POTENCY | Go Halfsies by adding a 1 oz shot to your favorite full-proof bourbon to the mix, or go Spiritless, as each cocktail can is less than 0.5% ABV and crafted ready to enjoy #LessIsYes
  • AWARD-WINNING | Spiritless has both a gold medal from the LA Spirits Awards for Best Non-Alcoholic Spirit and a silver medal from the IWSC
  • WOMEN FOUNDED & RUN | Spiritless was created by three moms in the heart of bourbon country who wanted to stay social without sacrificing their spirit


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