Sierra Nevada Trail Pass Golden Non-Alcoholic Beer - 12oz Cans - Delicious Dealcoholized Craft Brew

$ 21.98

At Trail Pass, we approach the creation of our non-alcoholic brews with meticulous attention to detail, employing the first method of production. This method, known as hyper-control brewing, involves closely monitoring the mashing and fermentation processes.

During mashing, hot water and grains are combined to generate sugars essential for fermentation. For our non-alcoholic beer, we carefully extract only the simplest sugars. In Trail Pass, we deviate from conventional practices by not utilizing our standard ale or lager yeast strain, opting instead for a different approach to get our desired flavors.

  • Trail Pass takes a meticulous approach to crafting non-alcoholic brews, employing the hyper-control brewing method to closely monitor mashing and fermentation.
  • Trail Pass ensures that its non alcoholic offerings maintain the taste and quality expected from a true brew, providing a satisfying experience for beer enthusiasts of all preferences.
  • To achieve a non-alcoholic beer with the desired flavor profile, Trail Pass selectively extracts only the simplest sugars – glucose, sucrose, and fructose – while avoiding more complex sugars like maltose.
  • This commitment to traditional brewing aligns with Trail Pass's core craft values and results in non alcoholic brews that authentically capture the essence of beer.


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