Sawtooth ST-M24 Electric Guitar Travel Bundle with Portable 5 Watt Amp, ChromaCast Padded Case, Cable, Tuner & Picks, Satin Black

$ 449.98

Designed with Legendary Guitarist Michael Angelo Batio, Sawtooth’s new ST-M24 series offers the best value 24 fret guitars on the market today. Receive upgraded appointments without the cost with these one of a kind guitars. If you’ve been thinking about adding a 24 fret guitar to collection, the ST-M24 series is the right choice. Available in both left and right hand configurations.

  • Sycamore Body, Bolt-on Canadian Maple Neck & Maple Fretboard, Black Block Inlays, 42mm Nut Width
  • Neck: 24 Frets, 15” Radius, Medium Jumbo Frets, Slanted Headstock with "S" Truss Rod Cover
  • 25.5" Scale Length, String Thru Body, Wilkinson Hard Tail Bridge, 3-Way Selector Switch
  • Sawtooth Neck & Bridge position Humbuckers, White Speed Knobs
  • Includes: Portable Sawtooth 5 Watt Amp, ChromaCast Case, Cable, Tuner & Picks 

Designed with Legendary Guitarist Michael Angelo Batio
 Michael Angelo Batio is an icon of Rock and Metal guitar. Michael is known worldwide for his amazing fretwork, his innovative and original live show, his inventions such as the “MAB Over-Under technique,” the V shaped twin “Double-Guitar ,” his 4 necked “Quad” guitar (which was voted one of the 50 most outrageous moments in Rock and Roll history by FHM Magazine,) his great songwriting, arranging abilities and his incredible sense of humor between songs at his shows.

Michael Angelo Batio has influenced the worldwide guitar community and changed the way people play guitar. His lessons have inspired major artists such as Tom Morello, John Petrucci, Dimebag Darrell, Michael Romeo, Corey Beaulieu, Herman Li and many more. People all over the world use Michael's concepts as teaching guides and Michael's influence spans generations.


Basswood Body

Basswood produces a fairly even and full to mid-range response throughout the entire band width. Many guitar enthusiasts agree that it’s well matched with humbucking pickups because basswood produces a lot of the same frequencies that pickups easily recreate.

The sound is smooth, without many sharp edges. Ideal for loud high gain tones.

Wilkinson Chrome Tuners

Got an awesome vibrato? Ensure you will never go out of tune with these simple, but stylish Wilkinson Ez-lok Chrome Tuners.


String-Thru Bridge

A string-thru body is designed to promote increased sustain throughout the guitar, improving tone, & resonance. More sustain allows notes to sound audible for longer.

Canadian Maple Neck

Made of maple wood from Canada, which is sturdier than regular maple for excellent resonance and sustain.

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