Sawtooth Retro 5 Watt Portable Electric Guitar Amp

$ 59.98

Sawtooth's 5 watt mini amp is easily portable and has a retro vibe with a tweed speaker grill that reminisces our popular tube series. The perfect practice amp for going over scales, chords, and taking on the road.

  • Portable 5-Watt Amp, Durable & Lightweight for easy transport. Volume & Tone Controls, 1/4" Head Phone Jack
  • Includes On/Off Overdrive function, Boutique look with Tweed Speaker Grill & Carry Strap
  • Jacks: Input- 1/4" MONO JACK, Headphones- 1/4"
  • Takes - 9v Battery or 9v AC Adapter Powered (Battery & AC Adapter NOT Included)
  • 3.5" Speaker, 5 watts, Dimensions: 7" x 8" x 3.5", 2.5lbs
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