Sawtooth Mahogany Clave, Dark Stain

$ 19.99 $ 11.98
Sawtooth Mahogany Claves produce a cutting sound with just the right amount of resonance. These Claves are made of solid Mahogany and deliver a bright, pleasant tone that is fitting for any style of music. These claves are great for any musician, from beginners to professionals. These instruments are vital for any percussionist, and work perfectly for any musician on stage looking to add percussion to their music.
  • Durable Mahogany construction
  • When played properly, they create a full, resonant sound
  • Clave and Striker are the same size
  • These Claves produce a rich, dark sound that is great for studio work but with the projection to cut through live bands
  • Traditional Design - Great as an instrument or as a decorative piece
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