M.A.B. Band Autographed Full Band 8.5x11 Picture

$ 14.98

Michael Angelo Batio (also known as MAB) is an icon of Rock and Metal guitar. Michael is known for his amazing fretwork and his innovative, original live performances. 

Michael, in conjunction with Sawtooth Guitars, co-designed several new guitars for the MAB Signature series including the ST-M24’s, Hybrid’s, 7 string, Double-Guitar and more!

“The MAB Band is amazing. We have great vocals, a great rhythm section and I can integrate my style with it. We are not limited to a specific genre and can play what we want. We didn’t even rehearse for this 1st concert. We played the songs a few times, made some arrangement changes and filmed. It was an amazing time!” - Michael Angelo Batio

Band members include Nils Lawrence (Bass/Vocals) and Joe Fuoco (Drums/Percussion) - Join Legendary Michael Angelo Batio in their first concert performance together. 

Look out for more from this outstanding band in the near future.

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