GoDpsMusic Acoustic & Electric Guitar Accessory Pack w Capo, String Dampener, 3 Pack Slides and Chromatic Clip-On Tuner

$ 29.98

CAPO: Strong and lightweight capo that clamps firmly to hold intonation Quickly. Easy release and re-positions without disturbing the tuning. SLIDERS: ChromaCast Guitar Slide 3 Pack, Assorted Chromed Steel & Glass Slides. ChromaCast products are designed by musicians for the active player, and provide the best in affordability and quality. TUNER: ChromaCast CC-440 Series Clip-On Chromatic Tuners precisely tunes guitars, basses, ukuleles and other stringed, woodwind and brass instruments. From outdoors to on-stage the easy-to-read LCD color changing back-lit display allows for smooth and accurate tuning in dim or well-lit environments. Display changes from Orange to Green to allow you to get in tune quickly. Features 360 degree positioning for easy viewing while tuning. DAMPENER: "The MAB String Dampener" slides on to your guitar when you want to use use it and then you can take it off when you are done with it. There is NO DRILLING ANYWHERE on your expensive instrument, NO ASSEMBLY required and no tools are used to place the dampener on or take it off your guitar. 2 Thumbscrews are all it takes to put "The MAB String Dampener" on or take it off of your instrument.

  • CAPO: Spring action grip clamps firmly to hold intonation // Quickly reposition without disturbing the tuning // Designed for 6-String acoustic and Electric Guitars
  • SLIDERS: Assorted 3 Pack // Includes: 28mm Chromed Steel Guitar Slide, 70mm Chromed Steel Guitar Slide, & 60mm Tempered Glass Guitar Slide
  • TUNER: Small compact size one-handed swivel clamp // Easy to read LCD display changes color to show correct tuning // Tuning modes include: Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin and more // Tuning Range A0-C8
  • STRING DAMPENER: Invented and Designed by Michael Angelo Batio // "The MAB String Dampener" is great for tapping and legato style guitar playing! Fits ALL 6, 7 or 12 string, Electric or Acoustic Guitars // Easy to use. No assembly required. NO DRILLING anywhere on your instrument! // Easily Adjustable so you can move it out of your way when you are not using it // Durable Aluminum Construction wont get beaten up during transport or playing
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