Giffard Depuis 1885 Elderflower / Grapefruit / Ginger Mixed Packs Alcohol-Free Liqueur Syrup - Made in France, 700ml Bottles, Perfect for Spritzers, Mixed Drinks

$ 129.98

Inspired by their extensive range of liqueurs and employing the shrub technique, Giffard introduces a new line where fruits and plants are carefully macerated in wine vinegar. The outcome? A collection of alcohol-free products boasting remarkable aromatic complexity and a reduced sugar content, accentuating their intense flavors. Drawing from the essence of plants, Giffard has always been dedicated to sourcing the most refined ingredients, flavorful fruits, and aromatic plants for their liqueurs and syrups. This commitment to quality is evident in the Giffard Alcohol-Free range, which offers a sensory journey with each sip, characterized by complexity, mouthfeel, and added value to cocktails.

Giffard's Alcohol-Free range opens up new possibilities for recreating classic cocktails such as the Sex on the Beach, Mai Tai, and the iconic Spritz in a non-alcoholic iteration. By providing this option, Giffard empowers cocktail enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite drinks with the same depth of flavor and complexity, but without the alcohol content.

  • Grapefruit: GIFFARD Grapefruit Alcohol Free is made from a maceration of grapefruit zest in white wine vinegar. A nice balance between bitterness, acidity and sugar. A mixture of citrus and fruity citrus and woody. Winy notes may appear at the end of the mouth and leave a slight astringency.

  • Elderflower: GIFFARD Elderflower Alcohol Free is made from a maceration of hand-picked elderflowers in white wine vinegar. Exotic lychee, floral rose and wormwood notes intermingle with a touch of acidity.
  • Ginger: GIFFARD Ginger Alcohol Free is made from a maceration of ginger roots in white wine vinegar. Warm, lemony, pungent, bitter and earthy notes with a hint of lemongrass.
  • Giffard unveils a new line inspired by their liqueur expertise, employing the shrub technique to macerate fruits and plants in wine vinegar.
  • The result is a range of alcohol-free products with exceptional aromatic complexity and reduced sugar content, highlighting their intense flavors.
  • With a dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients, Giffard emphasizes quality in their Alcohol-Free range, offering a sensory experience characterized by complexity and mouthfeel.
  • Giffard's Alcohol-Free line presents an opportunity to recreate beloved cocktails like the Sex on the Beach and Mai Tai without the need for alcohol.
  • By offering non-alcoholic alternatives, Giffard enables cocktail enthusiasts to savor the same flavor depth and complexity in their favorite drinks, minus the alcohol content.

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