Fever Tree Sparkling Lime and Yuzu - Premium Quality Mixer and Soda - Refreshing Beverage for Cocktails & Mocktails 200ml Bottle

$ 14.98
SKU: FT-LY-200-5PK

Made with a blend of bright, zesty Mexican Tahitian lime, perfectly balanced by the floral sweetness of Japanese Yuzu, creating this uniquely refreshing mixer. The perfect complement to vodka, tequila or mezcal for a refreshingly zesty summer spritz or equally as delicious on its own

The Sparkling Lime and Yuzu has a slight bite from the juicy citrus that is rounded off by the same fruits’ natural sweetness. It’s incredibly refreshing and makes a beautiful long drink with premium vodka or 100%-agave tequila

Although both are citrus fruits, the Tahiti limes are sourced from Mexico and the Japanese yuzu yield noticeably different flavours. Fever Tree selected this variety of lime for its superior taste profile that balances its signature sharp tang with a delicate sweetness. The yuzu fruit from Japan is renowned the world-over for its incredibly floral flavour and it adds a wonderful lightness to the Sparkling Lime and Yuzu

  • Zesty Fusion of Mexican Tahitian Lime and Japanese Yuzu: Experience a uniquely refreshing mixer crafted with a bright, zesty blend of Mexican Tahitian lime and the floral sweetness of Japanese Yuzu. This delightful combination creates a perfect balance for a refreshing summer spritz
  • Versatile Complement to Spirits: Whether paired with vodka, tequila, or mezcal, our Sparkling Lime and Yuzu serves as the perfect complement, offering a refreshingly zesty twist to your favorite summer drinks. Enjoy it equally on its own for a deliciously satisfying experience
  • Juicy Citrus Bite with Natural Sweetness: Revel in the slight bite from the juicy citrus notes, rounded off by the natural sweetness of Tahitian lime and Japanese Yuzu. This sparkling mixer is incredibly refreshing, making it an ideal choice for creating beautiful long drinks with premium vodka or 100%-agave tequila
  • Distinct Lime and Yuzu Flavors: Sourced from Mexico, the Tahitian limes bring a superior taste profile with a signature sharp tang and delicate sweetness. Japanese Yuzu, renowned for its floral flavor, adds a wonderful lightness to the Sparkling Lime and Yuzu, creating a delightful and well-balanced beverage
  • Superior Citrus Selection: Fever Tree's dedication to taste excellence is evident in the selection of lime varieties. The chosen Tahitian limes and Japanese Yuzu offer distinctly different flavors, ensuring a unique and premium Sparkling Lime and Yuzu experience that stands out in the world of mixers

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