Fever Tree Premium Ginger Beer - Premium Quality Mixer and Soda - Refreshing Beverage for Cocktails & Mocktails 200ml Bottle

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SKU: FT-GB-200-5PK

Crafted by brewing Fever Tree’s signature blend of three gingers from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Cochin, India. Not too sweet on the palate, this bold and refreshing non-alcoholic Ginger Beer has a deep, long-lasting ginger character. Perfectly balanced to complement the finest spirits or equally as delicious on its own as a soft drink. Non-GMO certified. Naturally sourced ingredients. No artificial sweeteners or colors

A distinct, fresh ginger taste predominates. It is refreshing and clean-tasting without being overly sweet. As the liquid passes through the palate, the ginger will fill the whole mouth, leaving a warmth at the back of the throat

To achieve the fiery, full-bodied taste of Fever Tree’s Ginger Beer, they selected three types of ginger for their complementary, yet distinctive, flavour profiles. From Cochin in India, they source a variety that lends a warm and spicy flavour. From the Ivory Coast, they get a fresh green ginger that has an incredible lemongrass freshness. Finally, their Nigerian ginger brings a deep, intense flavour to the blend

  • Signature Ginger Fusion: Created through the brewing process using Fever Tree's signature blend of three gingers sourced from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cochin, India, this non-alcoholic Ginger Beer delivers a bold and refreshing character
  • Deep and Lasting Ginger Presence: Notably avoiding excessive sweetness, this Ginger Beer offers a profound and enduring ginger character. The taste is rich, full-bodied, and perfectly balanced to complement premium spirits or to be enjoyed on its own as a standalone soft drink
  • Quality Assurance: Non-GMO certified and crafted with naturally sourced ingredients, Fever Tree's Ginger Beer maintains a commitment to quality. Free from artificial sweeteners or colors, it provides a pure and authentic taste experience
  • Distinct Freshness: The beverage boasts a distinct, fresh ginger taste that prevails throughout the drinking experience. Refreshing and clean without overwhelming sweetness, it leaves a comforting warmth at the back of the throat as the liquid passes through the palate
  • Tri-Ginger Blend: Fever Tree's pursuit of a fiery and full-bodied taste involves the selection of three ginger varieties with complementary yet distinctive flavor profiles. Ginger from Cochin in India adds warmth and spice, Ivory Coast contributes fresh green ginger with lemongrass freshness, and Nigerian ginger brings a deep and intense flavor to the blend

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