Fever Tree Premium Club Soda - Premium Quality Mixer & Soda - Refreshing Beverage for Cocktails & Mocktails 200ml Bottles

$ 14.98
SKU: FT-CS-200-5PK

Made with bicarbonate of soda and a high level of carbonation. Specifically crafted with the perfect level of bubbles and a delicate aroma to complement and enhance the flavors of the finest spirits. Naturally sourced ingredients

This Club Soda has a silky smooth texture created by using the finest water (which has a low mineral content) and a high level of carbonation; it has no aroma so it can more effectively bring to life the flavours of the premium spirit it's being mixed with

This Club Soda is Fever Trees simplest product. After our water is carbonated with lots of very fine bubbles, they add Bicarbonate of Soda, which is used to add a minerality that enhances naturally occurring flavours in the spirits it's paired with. 0 calories, 0 carbs

  • Enhanced Mixology Experience: Crafted with bicarbonate of soda and optimal carbonation, this Club Soda is meticulously designed to elevate the flavors of premium spirits, providing the perfect level of bubbles and a delicate aroma
  • Silky Smooth Texture: Achieving a silky smooth texture is a hallmark of this Club Soda, achieved by using the finest water with low mineral content and a high level of carbonation. This texture enhances the drinking experience without overpowering the natural flavors
  • Natural Sourcing: Committed to quality, Fever Tree's Club Soda is made with naturally sourced ingredients, ensuring a pure and refreshing base for your favorite cocktails
  • Minimalist Perfection: As Fever Tree's simplest product, this Club Soda focuses on the essentials. Carbonated with fine bubbles and enhanced with bicarbonate of soda, it adds a subtle minerality that complements and enriches the inherent flavors of paired spirits
  • Zero Calories, Zero Carbs: Offering a guilt-free option, this Club Soda is a health-conscious choice with zero calories and zero carbs, allowing you to enjoy a clean and crisp mixer for your preferred spirits

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