Fever Tree Distillers Cola - Premium Quality Mixer & Soda - Refreshing Beverage for Cocktails & Mocktails 200ml Bottles

$ 14.98
SKU: FT-DC-200-5PK

Fever Tree wanted to make a Cola that would do justice to the craftsmanship that goes into producing great whiskey & rum, creating a liquid made with the best naturally sourced ingredients that would allow the subtle & characterful flavors of these unique spirits to shine through. The result is a cola that is rich & complex in flavor, with the perfect level of sweetness to complement and elevate whiskies & rums from the finest distilleries

Rich, rounded and balanced with citrus upfront and complex spice to finish. The Fever Tree Distillers cola is made from eleven carefully chosen & blended ingredients including Caribbean kola nuts, Mexican limes and a selection of distilled botanicals & spices including Jamaican pimento berry & Madagascan vanilla

  • Crafted for Exceptional Spirits: Fever Tree's commitment to quality shines through in their cola, meticulously designed to complement and elevate the nuanced flavors of premium whiskies and rums, showcasing the craftsmanship that goes into these exceptional spirits
  • Rich and Complex Flavor Profile: Experience a cola that goes beyond the ordinary. Fever Tree Distillers cola boasts a rich, rounded, and balanced flavor, starting with citrus upfront and culminating in a complex spice finish, adding depth to each sip
  • Premium, Naturally Sourced Ingredients: With a blend of eleven carefully chosen and blended ingredients, including Caribbean kola nuts, Mexican limes, Jamaican pimento berry, and Madagascan vanilla, this cola is a testament to Fever Tree's dedication to using only the best naturally sourced components
  • Perfect Sweetness Balance: Achieving the ideal level of sweetness is crucial, and Fever Tree has mastered it. This cola is crafted with the perfect sweetness to enhance, not overpower, the distinctive qualities of whiskies and rums from the finest distilleries
  • Elevate Your Drinking Experience: Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail, Fever Tree Distillers cola offers a refined and flavor-enhancing choice, allowing you to fully enjoy the unique characteristics of premium spirits
  • Premium Ingredients for Exceptional Taste: Fever-Tree sources the world's finest blood oranges from Italy, expertly balancing their sweet citrus flavor with a spicy blend of real ginger from the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Cochin, India, ensuring a truly exceptional and refreshing drinking experience

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