ddrum Reflex Series RSL 22 5 PC BLS 5-Piece Drum Shell Pack, Blue Satin Lacquer, Scratch & Dent

$ 549.00
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"Scratch and Dent" items are sold at a reduced price. Scratch and dent items are non-returnable, non-refundable and sold as-is. These Musical Instruments still carry the manufacturer's warranty for non cosmetic issues. All products are new (not used). They have external flaws such as a dents, scratched, knicks, puncture holes and blemishes, caused by some type of trauma during transport from our distributors/manufacturers or from us shipping to our customers. Introducing Reflex RSL (Ratio Size Lacquer) another innovation for ddrum's 2012 acoustic drum set lineup. The Reflex RSL's alder shells resonate readily, but have a shorter sustain, allowing for amazing live and studio qualities. The ratio sizes and a satin finish add to the warmth and depth of RSL's tone. Shell Sizes: 18x22 bass drum, 8x10 tom, 9x12 tom, 16x16 floor tom, 5 1/2x14 snare

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