Dashfire Classic Creole Cocktail Bitters, 100ml/btl

$ 18.98

This updated version of a classic gentian-style bitters is made from rose hips, currants, and pomegranate, and features a sweet, spicy, and bitter flavor profile reminiscent of the complexity of Creole cuisine. Its intriguing garnet color is the product of natural ingredients, never food dyes.

Creole bitters were inspired by pre-Prohibition recipes for Peychaud's--the famous bitters brand that's been produced in New Orleans since the 19th century--and feature prominent floral and fruity notes with hints of anise, caraway and fennel. Try some in your next Sazerac.

With sweet, rich natural flavors such as pomegranate, the possibilities for mixing these New Orleans-style bitters with delicious cocktail recipes is limitless. You're only limited by your own creativity.

  • This classic Creole bitter is designed with your next Sazerac in mind
  • This version of the classic uses only natural ingredients and honors the gentian-style bitter
  • Featuring sweet flavors like pomegranate, making it rich in flavor and color
  • Handcrafted in small batches in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Includes ChromaCast Phone/Tablet Holder and Bitters Recipes

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