Dashfire 3-Pack Hibiscus Cocktail Bitters, 100ml/btl

$ 59.98

From Dashfire's Single Flavor Family (S.F.F.) of bitters recipes comes this tart and floral, to-the-point formula. Naturally made from the hibiscus plant, you'll be amazed at how closely the flavor notes match this flower.

Dashfire Hibiscus Cocktail Bitters are perfect for those times when you want to add the perfumed essence of dried flowers to a cocktail without the hassle or commitment entailed in prepping an infusion. They are practically tincture like in their directness and concentration.

  • Made from the highest quality botanicals, Dashfire Bitters were developed for both professional and home bartenders to enjoy.
  • Dashfire's Specialty Bitters feature complex varieties of aromatic botanicals, creating unique and full-flavored bitters that work well in a wide variety of cocktails.
  • Stylish glass bottles feature a full length dropper and bartender-friendly volumetric dashes for inventory purposes.
  • Handcrafted in small batches in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Includes ChromaCast Phone/Tablet Holder and Bitters Recipes

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