ChromaCast Scissor Arm Mic Stand 28" and 38" Pack | Professional Microphone Boom Arm Set | Adjustable Suspension Boom Arm | Ideal for Podcasting, Streaming, and Studio Recording

$ 24.98

ChromaCast Pro Series Scissor Arm Microphone Desk Stand with Boom Suspension offers exceptional versatility, making it an ideal choice for various settings such as studios, live broadcasting, podcasts, conferences, schools, stages, and live streaming and recording sessions. Designed to attach securely to most desktops, it provides effortless adjustability tailored to your requirements

  • Fold-able Arm Band: Adjustable microphone arm can be folded up and easy for easy transport
  • Anti-scratch desk Mount fits most desk tops
  • Includes mic clip (Opening 38 inches), Screw adapter 38 inches. Fits Chromacast CC-IM-1 and CC-VM-1 microphones and other popular mics, such as SM57, SM58, Sennheiser E835, Audio Technica ATR-1100 and many more
  • Package includes: (1)28” Scissor Arm Stand and (1)38”Scissor Arm Stand

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