ChromaCast Nickel Steel Bass Guitar Strings, 48-106, Medium

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Bass strings made for passionate players who need power, performance, and longevity from their strings. These nickel steel strings have a long lasting, bright, and powerful tone. They are suitable for blues, country, metal, pop, and rock music. ChromaCast nickel steel strings produce rich tones, long life, and consistency from set to set.

  • With the exception of strings smaller than .050, all of our bass strings are made using compounded winding. The winding directions are reversed between layers to "cross-hatch" the covers.
  • We try to use a reasonably small final cover. This makes the string's surface as smooth as possible, and allows us to use a smaller, more flexible core wire, which enhances the strings playability.
  • The "core to cover ratio" varies as we hone in on just the right mix that offers the best playability and durability. . If a string is designed in such a way that the core percentage is too large, then playability is sacrificed. If the core percentage is too small, the string can break, and obviously that isnt what a player wants!
  • Thump em, slap em, pick em, caress em. Theyll give you the love right back with tone, resonance, and sustain that just doesnt quit.
  • Sealed, corrosion resistant packaging prolongs string life. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Medium gauge .048, .067, .085, .106
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