ChromaCast Michael Angelo Batio Shred Pick Sampler - 30 Pack | Premium Guitar Picks for Ultimate Shredding

$ 11.98

Crank up your guitar game with the Michael Angelo Batio Pick Sampler Pack – the ultimate choice for every guitar enthusiast! Unleash your shred potential and channel your inner guitar hero with this specially curated selection of picks, endorsed by the legendary Michael Angelo Batio himself. Crafted from high-grade materials, these 3 different picks offer exceptional durability and precision for your different playing styles, ensuring a smooth and effortless performance.

  • Includes: 10 Nylon Jazz Picks, 10 MAB Shredder Picks and 10 MAB Rock Picks
  • Nylon Jazz Pick: Made from durable 1.40mm nylon material. This classic jazz pick shape with wide body and rounded tip, provides a warm and fat musical tone
  • MAB Shredder Pick: Made from durable 1.30mm delrin material. A smaller jazz style pick with a tip that features a sharp and beveled shape for quick string release
  • MAB Rock Pick: Made from durable 1.30mm delrin material. A classic guitar pick shape with a rounded tip, perfect for hammering fat chords
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