ChromaCast Guitar String Winder and String Cutter for Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars

$ 6.98

Designed to work for a wide variety of fretted instruments, the ChromaCast string winder & puller is a perfect all-in-one tool for every player to keep in their gig bag or case. With the hardened steel clippers string cutter you can cut through your old strings to make removing them quicker, and trim the excess off of new strings after looping them through the tuning machines.Designed with acoustic guitarists in mind, it also has a built in bridge pin puller. This makes removing stubborn pins simple without risking damage caused by pliers and other tools.

  • Multi functional Guitar String Cutter and Bridge Puller
  • Made of Durable Steel and ABS Hard Plastic
  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • Fits on Virtually all Guitars, Banjos, and Mandolins

Replace your strings in seconds with this classic winder!

  • Color: Transparent Red
  • With an acoustic bridge pin puller
  • Notch head removes bridge pins swiftly with ease


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