ChromaCast Value Series Double Braced Hardware Pack with Adjustable Throne

$ 429.98
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ChromaCast products are designed by musicians for the active player. ChromaCast hardware provides the best in affordability and quality. This pack includes: ChromaCast Double Braced Hi Hat Stand(CC-VS510), Double Braced Snare Stand(CC-VS-520), Double Braced Cymbal Stand(CC-VS-530), Double Braced Cymbal Boom Stand(CC-VS-540), Chain Drive Pedal(CC-VS-550), & Double Braced Adjustable Throne(CC-VS-560)

  • Lightweight by design for easy transport
  • Contoured wing nuts and screws for easy adjustments
  • Double braced legs provide maximum support
  • Chrome Plated
  • This pack includes: ChromaCast Hi Hat Stand(CC-VS510), Snare Stand(CC-VS-520), Cymbal Stand(CC-VS-530), Cymbal Boom Stand(CC-VS-540), Chain Drive Pedal(CC-VS-550), & Adjustable Throne(CC-VS-560)
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