ChromaCast Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Cover

$ 14.98

ChromaCast delivers a much needed product with the Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Cover. Now you can increase the volume of acoustic-electric guitar without the screeching feedback. Fast and easy to install, with no modification to your guitar! Soft rubber material is safe for most guitar finishes, and can be used with most internal pickups with little to no adjustment. This unique design fits most acoustic steel string guitars. Slip it in and CRANK IT UP! Designed by musicians for the active player; ChromaCast is dedicated to crafting roadworthy products. Providing the best in creative design and durability. ChromaCast proves you don't have to spend a fortune for quality music gear.

  • Increase volume with no more feedback
  • Fits in 3-7/8" to 4" soundholes
  • Soft rubber material inserts safely into your guitar's soundhole. Doesnt damage the finish
  • Easy to install and quickly remove, with no instrument modification needed!
  • Unique design fits almost all steel string guitars
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