ChromaCast 18-Pack Defense Sanitize Bundle w 6pk Defense Wipes, 6pk 300ml/10.14oz Defense Sanitizer Gel and 6pk 70ml/2.36oz Travel Defense Sanitizer Gel

$ 64.98
In this day and age it's extremely important to keep your instruments, headphones and yourself fresh and germ free. What better way than with the sweet, sweet smell of fresh lemon lime from our ChromaCast Defense Sanitizing Gel. 99.9% effective, Simply apply with your hands and wipe with a cloth and that's it!

  • 300ml Bottle - Fresh Lemon Lime Scent (x6)
  • 70ml Bottle - Fresh Lemon Lime Scent (x6)
  • Easy to use pump top
  • For use on Instruments, Hands, Headphones and anything else that need sanitizing
  • 60-70% Ethyl Alcohol, 19.1-29.1% Purified Water
  • 100 Wet Wipes with Fresh Scent (x6)
  • Kills 99.9% of Viruses and Bacteria
  • 75% Ethanol and 25% Water
  • Use on work benches, kitchen sinks, counters, garbage cans, light switches, bathtubs and showers, faucets, toilet seats, door knobs, laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles
  • Disinfects, sanitizes and removes allergens
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