BrewDog 36-Pack of Elvis AF | Non-Alcoholic | 20Calories 2.3g Carbs Per Serving | 12oz Cans

$ 82.98

Citrus. Pine. Malty.

This US AF exclusive has all of the grapefruit treble notes of his stronger sibling, Elvis Juice. Followed by a chorus of orange and pine, loud citrus flavors groove on a solid malt base foundation, giving the hop aromas a stage to shine for an all-night show.

20 calories. 2.3g carbs. Vegan. Gluten Reduced.

Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Citra

Malts: Crystal, Munich, White Wheat, Malted Oats

  • Orange, pine. Loud Citrus Flavors
  • ABV less than 0.4%
  • 20 Calories/2.3g Carbs
  • Vegan and Gluten Reduced
  • Includes Beer/Wine Opener or Phone/Tablet Holder and N/A Beer Pairing Menu
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