Bravus Non-Alcoholic IPA Mixed Sampler - Blood Orange IPA, West Coast IPA,- 12oz Beer Cans

$ 26.98

Discover Bravus, where inclusivity, authenticity, and celebration intertwine to create a brand that resonates with individuals from all walks of life. The core message has remained unwavering, emphasizing the importance of life's accomplishments and the moments that bring joy and purpose to our days.

Whether you're reconnecting with old friends, gathering to celebrate milestones, or exploring new passions, Bravus is there to elevate these experiences. With every sip, Bravus transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, reminding us that any time is the perfect time to savor the richness of life with a Bravus in hand.

  • West Coast IPA: Bursting with resiny pine, zesty citrus, and delicate floral notes, this brew achieves a harmonious balance with a subtle malt backbone, resulting in a crisp and clean finish.
  • Blood Orange IPA: A flavorful journey with a meticulously crafted non-alcoholic IPA, expertly blending the tangy sweetness of blood oranges with the hoppy bitterness typical of an IPA.
  • Bravus embodies inclusivity, authenticity, and celebration, appealing to individuals from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.
  • The brand's unwavering core message emphasizes the significance of life's achievements and the moments that imbue our days with meaning and happiness.


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