Bravus Coconut Porter Dark Non-Alcoholic Beer Craft Brew - Rich Blend of Coconut, Malt and Coffee Flavors - Vegan-Friendly

$ 15.98

Bravus Brewing's Coconut Porter opens with an arresting explosion of coconut fragrance, dominating the senses from the outset. Behind this pronounced aroma, roasted malts and subtle coffee undertones emerge, albeit taking a backseat to the overwhelming coconut essence that permeates every effervescent bubble, intensifying with each passing moment. This brew serves as a defiant call to coconut skeptics, promising a flavor experience that cannot be ignored.

With an alcohol by volume (ALC/VOL) content of less than 0.5%, Bravus Brewing's Coconut Porter presents a harmonious fusion of bittersweet sensations, offering a medium-bodied indulgence that combines the richness of dark malts with the luxurious sweetness of creamy coconut. Each sip invites you on a sensory voyage to a tranquil Caribbean haven, where the flavors dance like flickering flames in a beachside bonfire beneath a canopy of starlit skies. Embark on a memorable journey into paradise, one sip at a time.

  • Reveals nuanced layers of roasted malts and subtle coffee hints, though overshadowed by the dominant coconut essence.
  • A compelling choice for coconut skeptics, offering an unforgettable flavor experience.
  • Boasts an alcohol by volume (ALC/VOL) content of less than 0.5%, ensuring a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Delivers a harmonious blend of bittersweet flavors, marrying dark malts with creamy coconut sweetness in a medium-bodied profile.
  • Includes 12oz Cans, Phone and tablet holder and tasting notes/recipes. 

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