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No Shortcut to the Excellence

While keeping up the tradition of craftsmanship, Takamine boldly embraces the modern manufacturing engineering and advanced technology. Visit our factory and you'll find the perfect balance between the finest tradition of luthiery workmanship and the most advanced production engineering.

Look closely, for instance, at Takamine rosettes and inlays. This kind of quality and details could only be found on much more expensive hand-made instruments. Takamine made this available by using a CAD and CNC Laser Cutting system.

However, craftsmanship still remains to be a major factor in determining the quality of our instruments – taking the time to do everything in the way it should be. There's no shortcut to the excellence. That's we all know at Takamine.

Persistence to the Finest Wood

Selecting right wood for the sounding board is the most important single factor in determining the sound quality of the instrument. At Takamine, we import the selected timber from every corner of the world. And, the woods are carefully seasoned using forced and natural drying methods for about several weeks or as long as two years before it can be used for building guitars.

Examining timber in Canada
Rare and exotic wood

Wood Stock in Air-conditioned, Humidity-controlled Storage

Takamine has invaluable wood stock, such as spruce and western red-cedar for top board, mahogany and rosewood mainly for back and side. We also have rare and exotic woods used for the premium grade guitars, e.g. Jacaranda, Hawaiian Koawood and African Rosewood.

The woods sleep quietly in air-conditioned and humidity-controlled environment, waiting for the day to be a guitar.

Examining timber in Canada
Rare and exotic wood
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