Sabian SBr Crash: New Entry-Level Brass Sabian Cymbals (Introduced)

HHX Sound

SABIAN endorser Walfredo Reyes Jr. talks about his setup.
AAX Sound

Describing the sound of SABIAN's AAX line of cymbals.

Describing the sound of SABIAN's AA line of cymbals.


Describing the sound of SABIAN's HH line of cymbals.

SABIAN's Xs20 line now available in Brilliant Finish!!

This video showcases one of Sabian's most prestigious collections of cymbals, Artisan. These hand hammered cymbals are complex and have a depth of tone. In this video we showcase many different Artisan, crash, rides and hihat cymbals.

Describing the sound of SABIAN's Paragon line of cymbals.
-B8 Pro

SABIAN B8 Pro Rock Pack


This is the hot selling SABIAN cymbal pack called the B8 Complete Pack.

Gino Robair -- our man out west -- headed over to the Sabian room during our NAMM visit to check out the new Sabian SBr Cymbal series. This cast-brass series is decidedly entry-level, but still sounds fairly smashing, as evidenced by the Sabian SBr 16" Crash that's smashed in this video.
-Holy China – Chad Smith

Chad Smith (of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot) surprises Michael Anthony (of Van Halen and Chickenfoot fame) with his ultra loud new cymbal. The SABIAN Holy China was inspired by Chad and is the loudest China cymbal SABIAN has ever made.
-OMNI Series- Jojo Mayer

Jojo Mayer worked with the cymbal artisans at SABIAN to create a new kind of cymbal called the SABIAN Omni. It's not a crash, not a ride, but rather a new kind of cymbal.
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