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Rocco Prestia

Rocco has been the driving force behind the band Tower of Power for more than thirty years and is a true icon in the bass community. "Forget it man. The guy has not only been a serious influence on most of today's major league players, he actually founded the damn league. Going to see and hear Rocco Prestia play is like going back to school. He is the Master." John Patitucci, world renowned bassist.

A Biography In His Own Words

Hometown: Sonora, CA

This life is such an amazing process. I've been blessed on so many levels, I can't count them all. My talent isn't for me to define - that's a job for other people. But they better do it fast - I may not live long enough!

Being a so-called "legend," well that's flattering and all but believe me, I don't spend a lot of energy thinking about it! A lot of guys tell me, 'I know all your licks.' And I'll tell them, 'That's nice, now learn your own!' My thing has always been to steal and incorporate, then take those influences -- Motown, James Brown, Memphis - to another level.

I'm proud I've had a vehicle like Tower of Power to develop a personal style. A lot of cats - great players - never get that chance. They bounce around bands and sessions; they don't have the opportunity to cultivate a sound. So its been an honor and a privilege to be able to grow as an artist, as a player, in this band. Thank God I happened to be in the right place at just the right time.

In terms of my artistic growth, I think it's fair to say I'm more relaxed and confident about my approach to music. It's certainly easier to get from point A to B. And I think the same is true of my emotional growth. When we were younger, the highs were higher, the lows were lower. At my age now, you want to create a consistency in your music, and the way you lead your life. Finding that balance - it's a matter of growing up, and we do it in our own sweet time.

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