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Paul Reed Smith USA P-22

PRS's first piezo-equipped solid body guitar with the P-22 the same tonal authenticity and real world practicality as PRS hollowbody guitars.

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Paul Reed Smith USA HB-II

With brilliant acoustics and a vast array of tones, the Hollowbody II has been a constant favorite in our dynamic lineup of semi-hollow instruments.


Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24

The SE Custom 24 pays homage to PRS's Maryland made Custom 24. The guitar that Paul Smith took to his first tradeshow in 1985, the Custom 24 is the original PRS guitar. 

Paul Reed Smith SE 50 Amp

With the power of 50 watts and two EL34 tubes, the PRS SE 50 does it all with plenty of volume for any live setting and lots of attack. 


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