Ovation Sound

Say hello to curvacious tone.

In 1965, aerospace engineers began an extensive research project to determine whether an acoustic guitar could be sonically improved by modifying its shape and construction.

Ultimately they discovered a bowl-shaped body dramatically enhances a guitar's projection, sustain, and frequency response. From this intensive R&D, the Ovation roundback guitar was born.

The next step in acoustic guitar evolution.

Ovation bowl bodies are made from Lyrachord, virtually indestructible yet lightweight composite material designed to efficiently transmit vibration. A Lyrachord body has a smooth interior surface that reflects sound better than porous wood. And unlike wood, Ovation bowls won't warp, chip, crack, or split. Thanks to Lyrachord, the Ovation roundback is the world's most scientifically advanced acoustic guitar.

Embrace total playing comfort.

In addition to offering superior projection and durability, the roundback design has another advantage: A bowl-shaped body is comfortable to hold, the gentle slope of Ovation's roundback body invites you to embrace the guitar. Whether sitting or standing, you can wrap yourself around the bowl and feel its vibrations. Simply put, a roundback Ovation connects you to the music.
The world's original acoustic/ electric is still its best.

Ovation's engineers weren't content to design the world's most advanced acoustic guitar - they also wanted to amplify it. The result - a musically balanced piezo pickup housed in an intonated bridge saddle, and a sophisticated preamp  to control the pickup's output. This innovative pickup-and-preamp combination became the heart of the world's first professionally accepted acoustic/ electric guitar. Today, Ovation is still at the forefront of guitar design, building cutting-edge instruments from the ground up to deliver superior tone with or without amplification. If you want the ultimate acoustic/electric, play an Ovation.


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