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Explore the sound of Ovation, as professional musicians and experts share what it is exactly that make Ovation's acoustic electric guitars such a pleasure to play and listen to. Ovation - It's the Shape.

Learn how the Ovation's distinctive shape creates the signature high quality, authentic sound Ovations are famous for. Experts discuss how Ovation creates the unmatched sound quality that musicians look for in their instruments. Ovation - It's the Shape.

Discover all the qualities that make an Ovation so distinct. An authentic blend of the highest construction standards and cutting-edge music technology intertwine to create the unmistakable quality of Ovation's acoustic electric guitars. Ovation - It's the Shape.

Learn what Ovation Guitars are made out of, and how aerospace influenced the revolutionary design of Ovation's roundback acoustic electric guitars. Music professionals describe the signature Ovation look, and how the unique shape affords a better sound. Ovation - It's the Shape.

Professional musicians describe what it is that makes Ovation guitars so special, and why they prefer Ovation second to none when performing. Ovation - It's the Shape.

Watch the rigorous testing we put each Ovation Guitar through to meet our incredibly high quality standards. When you pickup an Ovation, you know it can take whatever you throw at it, because we make sure it's built to last. Ovation - It's the Shape.

This video shows you the difference between applause shallow bowl and applause mid bowl guitars
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