Doug Aldrich

Doug Aldrich (born February 19, 1964 in Raleigh, North Carolina), is a Los Angeles-based guitar player, since 2002 a member of the bluesy hard rock band Whitesnake. He plays Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters through hot-rodded Marshall JMPs and Vintage Modern amps. Doug was first introduced to the guitar at age 11 when his sister introduced him to the playing of Jeff Beck.

Doug is an addicted collector of vintage instruments and amps. Several of his guitars include his heroes name initials scratched into the paint. Doug’s personal record collection includes everything from Robert Johnson to Led Zeppelin: “I still love blues and classic rock music the most. I’m not really interested in following whatever is trendy. Im just gonna stick to what I do best, do it to the best of my ability and play from the heart”. Doug was also once a highly sought after guitar teacher, at one point he was teaching over 70 students a week.

With Whitesnake, Doug found a great home. Multiple world tours led to Doug and David starting to compose together. “It is the ultimate creative collaboration for me to work with David” The duo has co-written over 30 songs and co-produced several of the bands releases including Whitesnake’s award winning records like Forevermore.

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