ChromaCast Pro Series Chain Drive Bass Pedal, 2 Pack

$ 229.98
SKU: CC-PS-900-KIT-9
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Chromacast delivers its Pro Series hardware line. This specially designed hardware is built for the active & pro player. Sleek heavy duty designs provide superior strength and durability, and offers quick and easy adjustments. ChromaCasts Pro Series hardware is built for the road and is guaranteed to stand out from the rest.

  • Road worthy dual chain, heavy duty bass drum pedal with steel base plate
  • Patented adjustable drive system allows for easy beater angle adjustments and quick pedal placement adjustments
  • Double beater arm lock with adjustable tilt, base spikes and Velcro strips under the base plate ensure non-slip playability
  • Adjustable tension spring assembly, double sided beater
  • Kit Includes: (2) Chain Drive Bass Pedals(CC-PS-950)
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