ChromaCast 25.5" to 30" Adjustable Upright Guitar Stand, Extended Height - Fits Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars

$ 44.98

We've all been there. You're playing guitar in your basement like M.A.B. when nature calls. You jump up and lean your axe against your amp. When you come back it's as though you've walked into a crime scene. Your pride and joy is lying on the floor all busted up. You then realize, if you had the ChromaCast Adjustable Guitar Stand, this certainly could've been prevented. 

Rubber supports for the body and neck, as well as a cradle locking system, so you'll never have to worry about an unfortunate accident ever again

  • Made from metal tubing with adjustable support rod
  • Guitar finish-friendly rubber cradle and neck support
  • Adjustable, snapping neck cradle function
  • Wider, folding cradle holds all guitar styles including: Electric, Bass, Acoustic, and most Extreme Body Styles
  • Rubber neck guard locking latch keeps guitar secure
  • 8.5" Wide Base Cradle
  • 3" Wide Neck Cradle
  • Full Height Adjusts from 25.5" to 30"
  • 24.5" from Base Cradle to Neck Cradle at Maximum Height
  • 20.5" from Base Cradle to Neck Cradle at Minimum Height
  • Collapsible to 28"X10" for easy transport and storage

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