Sawtooth Command 6-Piece Drum Set with 24" Bass Drum

Product Features

24"x14" Bass Drum w/NO tom mounts, 12"x9" Tom, 13"x10" Tom (Toms include Rim Mount & adjustable arm bracket), 16"x16" Floor Tom Drum, 18"x16" Floor Tom, & 14"x5.5" Snare Drum All kits include virgin bass drums with telescopic bass drum spurs. Made from select 6-ply poplar shells producing a classic warm punchy tone with live sonic lows.

Drum Heads & Specs

1.6mm steel triple flanged hoops and 10 mil texture coated batter heads on Snare and toms. 10 mil clear resonant heads on toms. 10 mil clear batter heads on bass drum and 10 mil coated resonant batter Upgraded appointments include 9-ply birch bass drum hoops with wrap inlays, sleek zinc ball end/steel tube shell lugs & heavy duty tom suspension shock mounts with mounting hardware.
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