Sawtooth Harmony Series Hand Stained Elephant Design Travel Size Cajon Percussion Box

$ 69.98

Unleash the passion inside you with Sawtooth's Harmony Series Cajons and Djembes! The Harmony Series was developed to accentuate the harmony between body and spirit, and add another level of artistic expression to your performance. The elephant is a symbol of strength, stability, and good luck, which is why this is one of the images chosen to adorn the Sawtooth Harmony Series. Craftsmanship and playability is delivered with this wood Cajon. 6 evenly spaced horizontal coiled snare wires offer consistent snare response. This small cajon is packed with power to produce punchy bass tones & high pitched snare slap. Perfect travel companion for any player. Can easily be played on your lap or a tabletop. Excellent Cajon for children learning music education.

  • Dimensions: 9.5" wide x 10" deep x 15" tall
  • Each Cajon is hand painted & stained
  • 6 evenly spaced horizontal coiled snare wires offer consistent snare response
  • Durable rubber base feet raise the cajon off of the floor/stage, protecting the cajon's shell
  • Adjustable top front plate corners allow you to alter the distance between the playing surface and the cajon body, resulting in a varied amount of slap sounds when playing the corners
  • Play towards the center of the front plate for deep and punchy bass notes, and toward the top center/corners for snare slap
  • Travel Size Cajon, perfect for children!
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