ChromaCast Keyboard Stand 2 Tier Adapter

$ 29.98

Ever want to turn your boring keyboard setup into a SUPER KEYBOARD SETUP! Well now you can with the ChromaCast Keyboard Stand Adapter. Simply attach the adapter to your already existing keyboard stand and you'll be ready to perform like the blonde piano player from Bon Jovi, or someone else cooler. The adapter is also fully adjustable to accommodate most size keyboards. So if you want to be the coolest person on your block, this is the keyboard stand adapter for you!

  • Lightweight 2nd Tier Keyboard Adapter
  • Allows an additional keyboard to be attached to keyboard stand
  • Rugged and durable metal construction
  • 12" Wide and 13" Tall, adjusts from 19.5 to 30 to accommodate most keyboards
  • Adapter attachment locks on to lower keyboard arms and is 1-1/8" in diameter
  • Ideal for use with the ChromaCast Keyboard Stand
  • Check your measurements. This adapter is not a universal fit with all keyboard stands.
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